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Player Information

Name: Mish
Age: 21+
AIM SN: blueyedmatador
email: blue yed matador at gmail dot com
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes
Currrently Played Characters: Loki
Conditional: Activity Check Link: Here
Conditional: Official Reserve Link: Here

Character Information

Canon Source: Hellsing: the Dawn
Canon Format: Manga
Character's Name: Alucard
Character's Age: 513 give or take
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played.

What form will your character's NV take? A typewriter

Character's Canon Abilities:
-Enhanced Senses- Sight is amplified, he can lock in on a target hundreds of meters away from him, small details are clearer, sharper, even at such a long distance, he can see the pulse flutter in the jugular vein of his target’s neck. Hearing and smell are both amplified. He is capable of tracking someone through the scent of their blood or their flesh, though if the person being tracked uses supernatural means to obfuscate the trail or mislead, his tracking will be thrown off accordingly. He can hear a heartbeat from rooms away, can hear and smell the flow of living blood under a person’s flesh.

While Alucard cannot be so pinpoint accurate as to tell a human from a mutant (for example), he is able to discern vampires and werewolves from humans and other supernatural creatures. Other than those two species, he is unable to tell say, an angel from a devil or the like. He will know that a supernatural person (aside mutants) are not human, but that is the extent.

Alucard is able to sense presences. He can tell that there are people around him (human, not human, etc) and their position relative to himself within about a half-mile radius. If a vampire is attempting to obfuscate from him, he will be able to sense their presence, unless they are using non-vampire means. If others are attempting to hide themselves through magic or natural ability, he would not be able to detect them unless they are attempting to use shadows to hide.

Physical- Alucard has super human strength. He is physically able to lift a few tons without giving a thought to it. He doesn't so much jump as defy gravity, almost as though flying, move faster than sight can track and land from great heights without causing any harm to himself.

Shadow Control- Alucard has significant ability over shadows. He is able to form them into physical tentacles, which he controls to trap or attack his targets. Alucard also uses shadows to take control of a situation by trapping his target in complete darkness from which they are unable to escape while he terrorizes them.

Alucard can form parts of his body to shadows or can break his entire being down to shadows. When breaking a part of his body down to shadows- say an arm- he is able to summon a hellhound head to that body part and consume his target in that manner. If he breaks himself down fully to shadows, he is able to open not only one set of eyes, but multiple sets of eyes to keep track of what is going on in all directions or simply to terrorize his target. He is likewise able to form his mouth when in a full shadow form, pointed tongue lolling out from gaping jaws full of shark-like teeth. His clothing is a manifestation of his shadows and follows him into and out of shadow forms, he is also capable of turning the inside of his coat to shadows and eyes for added terror.

Alucard is able to move through shadows, literally teleporting from one location to another through them. He is neigh undetectable when doing this and can simply melt into the shadows and stay there, watching, likewise undetectable.

Telekenisis- Alucard is able to move objects with his mind, close doors, open them, and he mostly uses this power to heighten the fear in his opponents or when he is too lazy to get up and get something himself.

Telepathy- Alucard is shown the ability for minor telepathy in Hellsing, he is able to communicate with anyone of his bloodline.

Blood- Alucard is able to call spilled blood to him, his own blood, the blood of his opponents, it does not matter. The blood will come to his call and be absorbed into his body, feeding his power and restoring him. Alucard is also able to call up very old blood that has been spilled as well, literally drawing it up from the streets and ground, even if it has long since been scrubbed and washed away.

From a person’s blood, Alucard can functionally read their minds. All of their memories, the thoughts in the current moment, everything they know, it all becomes his.

Regeneration- Alucard is immortal. He can be taken down to a smear of blood on the ground and he will regenerate fully from that smear. Holy objects do not harm him. Beheadings, silver bullets, dismemberment, explosions, he will heal from anything.

Weather Control- Alucard has minor weather control abilities relating to the wind and mists. He is able to summon enough wind to direct a ship and is able to summon mists when he wishes, though he doesn’t use this ability very often anymore.

Hellhound- Alucard can summon a massive black beast to terrorize or devour his opponents. He is fully capable of absorbing anything the hellhound eats into himself and replenishing himself that way with blood and life.

Mind Control- Alucard is able to suggest and influence the minds of humans to do his bidding . Anyone with telepathic ability would be able to fight him, to an extent.

Animal Forms- Like the stereotype, Alucard can turn into a flock of bats and travel in that form, as well as turning himself into an overly large, eight eyed hellhound. He is fully capable of thinking as himself and using his other vampire powers in these forms,.

Shadow Army- Every creature that Alucard has eaten (and not turned into a vampire), every animal, every weapon and tank that he has devoured, Alucard is able to bring out into a massive army that he controls. He has whole divisions of mounted knights, divisions of World War I soldiers, Ottoman Empire warriors at his disposal. He does not use this power except as a very, very last resort because of how taxing it is on his mental state.

Shapeshifting- Alucard is able to change his shape. This has no bearing on his power, and he himself has stated the forms he takes are meaningless. However, it would be noted that he takes forms that seem to please his master. Arthur Hellsing, in Dawn canon, cavorts with underage prostitutes. Thus, Alucard takes on a diminutive female form. Integral Hellsing, meanwhile, upon first finding his desiccated corpse, talks to the corpse about hoping to have found a knight in the basement. Later, while fighting with her in London, Alucard takes on the form of a knight in full armor, after releasing Restriction Zero. Since nothing has been set in stone where canon is concerned, this is the interpretation I take from it.

Weapons- Alucard has a ‘Tommy’ Thompson machine gun and is proficient in all firearms. He is a bullseye marksman and can hit any target, even moving targets with perfect accuracy.

He is a master swordsman, dating back to his days of Vlad the Impaler, as well as proficient with a halberd. Alucard is a very capable horseman, as well, and has his own personal mount within his soul army.

Control Art Restriction System: This is a six level system that seals off Alucard’s power, the lower the system being released (Restriction Five) the least amount of power he is using, all the way up to Restriction Zero, in which he can release the soul army contained within him. Alucard usually exists with Restrictions open to level four and will release Restriction Three if an interesting enough opponent comes along.

The entire Control Art Restriction system is under Alucard’s personal control. He is able to release the levels himself, as evidenced by Alucard being sent off to Poland without direct communication with Arthur Hellsing, expected to fight an advanced target. As well as the many times in the manga when he has released levels on his own during or before a fight. Alucard has shown a canon preference, however, for a Hellsing master to order him to release Restriction Zero.

Weaknesses: Alucard is vulnerable to running water. It will not kill him, but he cannot cross it unless he is physically on something (a ship, a plane, a bridge). If someone tossed him into the ocean, he would not be able to move from there until someone fished him out.

Alucard’s bite is poison. If he bites a virgin, they will become a vampire, but they will be in his servitude until they are given his blood. If the person is not a virgin, they become a ghoul, an undead creature under Alucard’s direct control. This would be negated for SP if the person has healing powers.

While Alucard is functionally immune to the sun, he does state canonically that it annoys him and he doesn't like it.

Character History:
Around 1431 Vlad Dracula III was born in Wallachia, son of Vlad Dracul II, a member of the Vatican’s Order of the Dragon, a group set on diminishing the Ottoman hold on the Holy Lands and preventing them from taking over Christendom. Wallachia was the buffer between the Ottoman holdings and Hungary, a much more powerful Catholic kingdom. Eventually the Ottoman Empire took hold of Wallachia and in order to ensure Vlad I’s good behavior, his sons Vlad II and Radu were taken to the Ottoman court as royal hostages.

Radu thrived and Vlad did not. Both boys were sexually and physically abused (referenced in the manga as Vlad being dragged away and raped by an Ottoman person, likely supposed to be Murad II, the sultan). After his father (Vlad I) and older brother Mircea were murdered, Vlad II, after having been forced to swear allegiance to the Ottoman Empire, was restored to the throne of Wallachia as Voivode (warlord/king) and immediately rebelled. He murdered all of the boyars (the rich aristocracy that were held in the Empire’s pocket) and turned back the tide of Ottoman soldiers invading his kingdom by impaling the first wave of soldiers in concentric circles around the capital city, a technique of fear and torture that he learned from the Ottoman while a captive at their court.

His goal (as outlined in the Hellsing manga) was to bring about New Jerusalem- the concept of heaven on earth, possibly a literal sense. This was an all consuming goal in every sense of the word. His armies were destroyed, his men killed, his country overrun.

Eventually, Vlad himself was caught and taken to the sultan for beheading. When he knelt with his head on the chopping block, the axe poised to end his life, his bitter anger and outrage called out to him and brought the blood of immortality, the elixir that would make him a vampire, seemingly up from the very earth itself. He chose to drink as the axe fell and became a vampire. The cross he carried with him as a boy broke, symbolizing his deliberate forsaking of God.

For centuries he lived in Transylvania, gathering servants to him and building his holdings (the manga is not explicit as to whether these servants were vampires, but one can infer that they were by Abraham saying he destroyed them). At some point, in the late 1800's Dracula traveled to London, England via the Demeter, killing everyone on board the ship, including the crew. The boat sailed into harbor with the Captain lashed to the wheel.

The manga makes absolutely no mention of Jonathan Harker, as a solicitor or as a person, instead, the purpose for Alucard traveling to London was to find the woman he "thirstily longed for." While he is there, he comes to the attention and earns the ire of Abraham van Helsing, Jack Seward, Quincy Morris and Arthur Holmwood (nothing about Lucy is ever mention in the manga) by pursuing Mina Harker (note that she is called this but never referred to as Jonathan's wife as Jonathan is never referred to, or being married at all) and tainting her with his blood (Hirano has mentioned frequently that he lifted the romance subplot from the Coppola movie, though obviously without the bits about reincarnation). He felt London to return to his homeland in Transylvania, but the group of hunters pursued him and eventually caught up.

Abraham Helsing and his fellows brought Dracula down, a stake through his heart, but even this did not kill him. As Bram pushed the stake in further, watching Dracula’s bitter tears of defeat, he recounted Dracula’s losses: Mina, his lands, his castle. His brides. Everything that the vampire previously held was dust and ash. He was king of nothing.

Dracula died, but he wasn't done for. He returned to back to England and became the Servant of Abraham's bloodline. For over a century, the Hellsings began constructing the Control Art Restriction system, to block off by levels, Dracula’s power and restore some of the vampire’s mind, turning him into the ultimate undead. After years of work, the system was in place and Dracula became the most powerful vampire hunter, who eliminated any supernatural menace that threatened the peace of the British Empire in the servitude of his Hellsing Masters.

Arthur Hellsing, one of his Masters, was the one who gave him the new name for his purpose: Alucard (as mentioned by Alucard in chapter 2 of the manga).

During Arthur's rule, he and Walter Dornez traveled to Poland in 1944 to destroy a facilities where their enemies of Germany were trying to mass produce undead forces to win World War II. So far, they have only unsuccessfully make ghouls. They hopped a ride on an American cargo plane, Alucard in his coffin to help ease the effects of the ride over moving water, and Walter awake and ready to kick the coffin out of the cargo hold and onto Polish soil where they could begin their mission.

Point in Canon: Right at the Poland jump, when his coffin is kicked out of the plane.

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history:

Character Personality:

Alucard despises what he has become, a vampire and a monster. But he does not acknowledge this, and so this hatred for his condition manifests as his oft-professed loathing of other vampires. He hunts them unrelentingly, if they beg for mercy, he laughs and kills them all the more slowly. He would prefer to terrify them, to see their confidence broken down to begging, to physically harm them bit by bit rather than going for a quick kill.

When first engaging an opponent, Alucard enjoys fostering their overconfidence by allowing them to think they have defeated him; he will allow an opponent to rip him apart, shoot him to pieces. And just when that opponent thinks the have won, when their relief and victory is tangible, Alucard will reform and utterly destroy them.

Alucard, after being defeated by Abraham, saw the man, as he himself once was, a zealot, one with god on their side and willing to fight for a cause. Unlike himself, however, Abraham succeeded and that won Alucard’s respect as well as his loyalty. The loyalty transferred to Arthur because in him, he sees the same unbreakable spirit, the steadfastness of will and has proven himself on more than one occasion when joining Alucard on a hunt.

He has no desire to betray the Hellsings; for one Alucard does not wish to return to the state Abraham defeated him in, lost to his own power and to his own mind. And for two, Alucard despises betrayal. He views it better to die than to turn on one’s comrades. This is a throwback to his own brother Radu having betrayed him, fighting against him and for the Ottoman Empire when they were both humans. The main reason that Alucard lost and found himself facing death.

Alucard takes his vows very seriously, he was once a pious man and though he considers himself far from God’s grace, he views his loyalty, his vows to the Hellsing family and what they are trying to accomplish as close as he can get to what and who he once was. If he cannot be the man he once was, he will serve such a man. If he cannot have his own cause, as he once did, he will serve a worthy cause. And if that allows him to unleash his bloodlust, his cruelty and his want for carnage and destruction, then even better.

He hasn’t dreamed since he was a human, and part of him is grateful, as he does not know what he would dream of; there is nothing for him in the future, part of him, some small and hidden part, yearns for redemption, but the vast majority of him knows that this is impossible. But it is that small part that thinks through Hellsing, he will be able to find a way. That is only part of the tangled reasoning of serving.

Through and through, he is still a vampire (and even as a human had a lust for war and blood) and no amount of loyalty or pieces of restored sanity will ever change that. He does not regret the blood he spills in fights, he glories in it. He smiles at death as he delivers his foes unto it; he unflinchingly drinks blood and gives no pause to the destruction he causes. There is no conscious remorse for what he has become, any negative feelings of himself, at this point in canon, are turned entirely outward onto his opponents.

He still has his lapses of insanity, especially when he is caught up in battle (post the canon I am taking him from, but barking at Hans the werewolf, surfing on his own Coffin in order to go fight another vampire at the base in Poland that they are sent to infiltrate and destroy).

Upon Abraham's death, in a show of respect, began wearing a red coat like the man had worn when hunting him, carrying a piece of Abraham with him, possibly as a reminder as to Abraham never giving up his own humanity for his causes.

Alucard is able to shift shape and does so because he "feels like it." During the war, he takes on the form of a young looking girl. He is mentally always male, though over centuries, some of those sharp gender boundaries are worn away; he enjoys submitting, enjoys having orders to follow- traits that are commonly gender-stereotyped as being female. Physically, in that form, he is female. He can and will switch between the two depending on whether or not he feels like it. Thus, he will always refer to himself by male pronouns, and, even when in the female form, he will always be described with male pronouns.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game:
Character Plans: I plan on having him hunt Darkness monsters and try to foster relationships with other characters, healthy ones where he sees the person as an equal and they see him as an equal.

Appearance/PB: Manga Form One

Manga Form Two

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[The screen flickers on and before it stands a pale creature with black hair and a long white coat. His eyes are red as rubies, lips bloodless pale in a faint smile

He tips his head to the side, hands clasped behind his back and when he speaks the voice is childish, affecting a lilt at the end of his words]

Canada. Aha.

[His tongue is pointed as it darts out to wet his lips]

Nazis. You’ve mastered killing off your own kind but fail so badly at humor.

[Those red eyes take on an inner glow, burning like hellfire. Shadows thicken and draw forward, velvety fingers licking at his boots, at the shadowed hem of his coat]

I’ll have my Coffin and my human, now. [He looks left. Then right.

Then up.

Then down, back on the NV.

His tone is solemn, scolding, though the smile at the corners of his mouth deepens]
No? [His bloodless lips pull back in a ghoulish smile, revealing dainty fangs that grow longer, sharper, two sets of upper canines, two sets of lower canines]

Then I will fulfill my orders: Search and Destroy.

Third Person Sample

There was awareness in the Coffin, Alucard did not sleep, did not dream. So, waking on a baseball diamond in the middle of a landscape foreign to what he knew to be the one awaiting him drew back bloodless lips into a sneer as he rose. Signs. Many signs. Lies. Misdirection.

He cannot feel Walter, cannot sense his heartbeat, smell the lingering scent of tobacco that perpetually clings to his skin, and under that the even fainter sense of blood. One can clean up the assassin, but never scrub away the lingering scent of death. He brushes snow from his coat and reaches further- his Coffin does not come to his command.

Worry does not cloud his thoughts, but anger. A laugh bubbles up, at the situation and at the antiquated typewriter sitting off to one side, dusted lightly with snow. Dropping to one knee before it, gloved fingertips dance over the keys, brushing away the slight dampness of snowflakes from the worn, filigree keys. He knows this machine. He knows the hand that played those keys, wrote out history and sealed his fate, redeemed his disgusting fate.

He throws back his head and laughs, the echo of the sound rings pleasingly through the field. But there is a new key on the machine and a frown draws down one corner of his mouth. With a single fingertip, he touches the key and the paper- fresh and thick, the good type of stationary- lights up, opening a sort of portal that fuzzes at first, then clears and reflects his image back at him.

Eyes widen fractionally. This was left here, he was meant to discover it. Some sort of communication device? Perhaps.

Bloodlust sparks in his gut, he will give them what they want- a challenge- a fight. And he will take back what is his.

Voice Post

Jun. 20th, 2009 08:41 pm
tinyvampiregod: (Human GC with Hat)
[The recording suddenly starts in the middle, as though he's been speaking and was caught in the middle. He sounds neither purposefully nor accidentally recorded and might be speaking for his own benefit or yours]

- appears a strange door. Mm. Tricky those.

[The sound of said strange door opening and a childish hissing in of unneeded breath]

Such things we are shown, undeserving chances given. Is this an alternate dimension? Mm. I think so. And with it a chance and a future unlike those lain out in some other worlds.

This time, it will be different.

[The sound of a door closing forever.]

[OOC: Girlycard has left the City for second chances and brighter futures. Without a word or a thought to others except to leave The Raven to the now sole Alucard of the City. It's been a pleasure, ya'll]
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No one to be accountable to now is there?

Gone hunting!
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It's very naughty to taunt an apex predator and think you won't get the teeth. Especially when the population grows so.

The Raven will be hiring live donors, if any are interested. The position will be well paid and all employees shall be taken good care of, no untoward naughtiness will be accepted by patrons on these staff.
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Stop discrimination against vampires! You should be grateful we don't hunt each and every one of you fragile little juice boxes down, put you in cages and keep you for food alone.

To think that I, I of all vampires, should play nicely while you treat me as a lesser thing?

No more.

No more mercy. You will live or die at my whim and if you say differently, I will impale you alive.

[ooc: There's been a lot of vampire hate. . so he's taking the violent opposition road against all this speciesism.]
tinyvampiregod: (Haughty)
Be forewarned, clowns, if you approach, I will eviscerate you.

This was fair warning, so don't file any complaints.

Tch, and deities, take note- a real circus would have gypsies.
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I just remembered my previous intention to go out and play.

And by play I mean eat someone and start a merry chase. Hm. Decisions.
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How boring you've been of late, City. I'm tempted to go on a killing spree just to liven things up!

Aha~ Who wants to play catch me if you can?
tinyvampiregod: (Thinking)
Now where have I seen this before, City?

Aha! The Grudge! If I cut part of it off, may I keep it?

Mm. And are there any veterinarians in the City?
tinyvampiregod: (Female GC)
It's hardly a curse if it's something I can do myself.

[ooc: Genderswitched!]
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Interesting things happen ... in the dark.
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...this again.
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I saw a man upon the stairs,
But when I looked, he wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today,
Oh how I wish he'd go away.

Well, well. It seems my body is my own again.
tinyvampiregod: (Hi)

Brought home a new addition to the family. Nevermind his odd eating habits, hm?

Now for a name...
tinyvampiregod: (Meh)
Told you so, Angel.

Mm. Are those curses over yet? I do hope so. Control wears~ thin~ after a time.
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If you're offering blood, stand to the left. If you're not, stand to the right. Next to that convenient X painted on the floor.

Nevermind the Tommy gun.
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Such a plethora of embarrassing pictures floating about. I saved a few for my personal collection.
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If you're going to die anyway, at least let me drink your blood first.
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