tinyvampiregod: (Shhh)
How delicious your blood, Harry~ I can still feel the tingle. And so much more powerful than before. Ahah! Don't be angry when the curse is over.

Audio Post

Mar. 2nd, 2009 06:29 pm
tinyvampiregod: (Human GC with Hat)
There once was a man from Nantucket-[Audio cuts off]
tinyvampiregod: (Human GC with Hat)
To the Watcher I played with the other day, sincerest apologies for mistaking you for a pedophile.

Shan't happen again.
tinyvampiregod: (More Emocard)
[Sleeping Alucard curled up in blood smeared sheets on the bed. Aww. Isn't he cute?]
tinyvampiregod: (Naked in Sigil)
[Static and the a dark picture forms of a small androgynous vampire, half clothed and covered in blood, long hair moving of it's own will and blending into the shadows.]

tinyvampiregod: (Squirrel)
I'm just a squirrel, trying to get a-
tinyvampiregod: (TeeHee)

Isn't love lovely?

[ooc: Yes he is laughing at you.]
tinyvampiregod: (TeeHee)
Your petty secrets taste delicious. Especially the painful ones.

Some of you are very, very naughty and twisted.
tinyvampiregod: (Hi)
Before you left and came back, Angel, we were married. It was a curse, of course, but we weren't ashamed of our relationship enough to deny it after.

[ooc: Dirty Little Secret curse :O ]
tinyvampiregod: (Melty Eyes)
So many of my friends have left.

What remains, well, you should start endearing yourselves.

My patience wanes.
tinyvampiregod: (Thinking)
I am in need of wire cutters.

And something to stuff in a cake for a surprise party. Mm~ ideas.
tinyvampiregod: (Cute But Psycho)
A naughty, flaming skeleton.

That does sound like a challenge. Things have been so ... stagnant.

tinyvampiregod: (Hi)
Monsters don't cry.
tinyvampiregod: (Default)
A cup of blood, instead?
tinyvampiregod: (Default)
Miraculous recovery.

Voice Post

Jan. 8th, 2009 05:34 pm
tinyvampiregod: (More Emocard)
The blood... nnngh I can feel it moving.

This is the end. Everything is going black.

Tony Stark, your blood is my undoing ...

[ooc: Consensually drank Tony Stark's blood last night. It's giving him a little indigestion, that's all. He's just be terribly over dramatic... in hopes of getting Walter's blood.]
tinyvampiregod: (TeeHee)
...duck season.


Jan. 4th, 2009 05:20 pm
tinyvampiregod: (More Crazy)
...let me get this sorted.

In the span of one month, I must consume one hundred pints of blood for this curse?

Ahah. . ahaha . .

[ooc: He'll be making it two hundred just in case Walter doesn't participate. That's the only reason. Promise.]
tinyvampiregod: (Pinafore)
Walter, you promised me lollies if I played that game with you.

I'm waiting.
tinyvampiregod: (Pinafore)
The Raven shall host a New Year soiree on December 31st.

Blood will be on tap for the vampires and normal drinks for the humans.

Formal attire will be strictly enforced.
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